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What's Stopping You?


Photo courtesy of Legacy Design & Photography 

Photo courtesy of Legacy Design & Photography 

Sometimes, the best way to defeat your enemy.. is to admit you have one. As we took time to reflect on 2016, it was easy to pinpoint our biggest rival. Go ahead.. Take a guess!

The thing that held us back the most last year was none other than.. PERFECTIONISM! We spent endless hours and phone calls and emails planning the perfect products for you. We always want to give you our absolute BEST! Often times, this desire for perfection led to extended deadlines and deleted content. Other times, it stopped us from sharing our ideas altogether. 

We know, we know... "It's about progress not perfection." Our transparency is not only to help hold ourselves accountable, but it is for you to hold us accountable too. We have claimed 2017 as our year of why not? When ever an opportunity presents itself to us, then our response will now be "Why -freaking- Not?!"

Now that we've made all these big promises.. there is some exciting news we must share! The Full On Faith store is now open (check the tabs). Our lovely reusable grocery tote is now available for purchase. We are crafting all types of goodies to help you on your empowered wellness journey, so stay tuned!  

Your support means the world to us!


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