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Running Forward


Have you ever felt tired? I mean perpetually tired.. the type of tired that follows you to bed and wakes up with you first thing in the morning. Well that was me for the past two months! Eventually, I realized I needed a vacation.. So somehow I ended up in Miami last week. In addition to getting some much needed rest, I had the opportunity to support my friend during the Miami Marathon (Shoutout to Double A the Juiceman).

Please understand that I am NOT a runner. I had never been to a marathon, let alone considered running one! I had no idea what to expect while searching for a place to spectate. I finally settled in a small cheering section at the end of the race. As I stood at the finish line waiting to see a familiar face, something happened. Every face started to look familiar. I saw people crossing the finish line in tears. I watched people stumble across the finish line in disbelief. Others jumped across the line in vibrant triumph. I could not help but cheer as I watched people push their bodies to new limits. I began to empathize with the emotions I witnessed.

My friend always insisted that running was much bigger than exercise. He continually talked to me about the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual challenge that running can inspire. Standing at that finish line helped me fully understand the message he hoped to convey. In the moment, I decided I would run. Even if I have to do a quarter mile at a time, I will run. And if this inspires you, then I want you to run with me!

I've been diligent with planning healthful meals and practicing discipline in my  faith, but it is time to push my physical limits.

I'll see you at the finish line!