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Recipe Remix: Peach Quinoa Breakfast Bowl



Clearly, we’re on a quinoa kick this month!  Our Recipe Remix features the stunning Caramelized Peach Quinoa Breakfast Bowl from Lindsay's blog (The Lean Green Bean).

When you think of quinoa, what comes to mind? …something savory, right? Quinoa is typically used to replace rice (and other grains) in some of our favorite dinner dishes.

But you can’t limit greatness! On Saturday, we will show you how to switch out your oatmeal for a warm and fruity quinoa bowl.  Incorporating quinoa into your morning routine adds protein that can help keep you full and focused throughout the day. This swap is definitely worth a try!

We like to think of this one as… healthy peach cobbler for breakfast.  We will be live on Facebook and IG this Saturday (9/23) to show you how we put our spin on things. Until then, find the full recipe here.

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