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Meet Kam

Hello there! I'm Kamaria, a Midwest girl who loves living in the south and is passionate about creating amazingly satisfying healthy dishes from humble ingredients. Currently, I live in North Carolina but I grew up in Michigan. That's right, the mitten shaped state, home of the Motor City, Motown, and the University of Michigan (GO BLUE). My love of cooking, and more importantly eating, started when I was about 7 years old. My grandmother had a beautiful backyard garden in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I loved picking berries, turnip greens, and tomatoes...well that was until I saw a spider!  At that point, I ran straight for the kitchen to turn my treasures into something spectacular.

My grandparents and parents were from the South (Alabama and Texas) and they taught me how to make traditional southern soul food dishes. However, after my mother was diagnosed with hypertension her cooking style changed. See my mother is a woman with a firm belief that faith without works is dead. Going up to alter to receive prayer during Sunday service was alright, but she understood that there were lifestyle changes that she could adopt that would work in congruence with her faith that God would heal her.

My mother decided to adopt a low-sodium cooking style. She stripped the house of all pork...honey ham and bacon were history, and dad's savory Sunday pot roast became a seasonal delicacy! Initially I was devastated by these changes, low-sodium foods were not for me. But over time she transformed my palate and showed me how to make traditional soul food both healthy and satisfying. My mother challenged me to try new foods, new flavors, and inspired me to use humble ingredients to create amazing dishes. Now, I help people do the same thing, use simple ingredients to create healthy and tasty meals.

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Top 5 Things to Know about Kamaria

  • Above all else, I trust God...He's smarter than me.
  • Give me a scarf and a unique pair of earrings or shoes any day...
    • I love to accessorize!
  • Some say that nutrition experts only eat healthy stuff...
    • I LOVE Mac n cheese, peach cobbler, greens, shall I go on...
  • Standing in the Big House on a crisp Fall day, watching Michigan play, singing "Hail to the Victors" after a touchdown is the BEST! 
  • Feed me, I'm quick to hanger.

Faith + GOOD WORKS = amazing RESULTS!