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FaithFit Feature: Meet JL


“Hey! Are you a trainer? I am trying to [insert fitness goal here] and I was wondering what is the best exercise for that?  What say you?"
J ohn Lyon , Certified Personal Trainer 

John Lyon, Certified Personal Trainer 

The answer is yes I am a trainer but although I love physical fitness and talking about exercises that are the most efficient for “toning” or strengthening different muscles, I am convinced that many people can find good exercises to do. The real problem is doing those exercises consistently. A lot of exercises that have been around work well when done consistently. So instead of sharing the hottest, new exercise, I am going to share 5 tips that have helped many of my clients consistently workout when they feel like their “get-up-and-go has gotten-up-and-gone.”



  1. Find a Workout Partner: Whether you are a beginner or a professional bodybuilder, finding a good workout partner is invaluable.  When you have to be accountable to someone else, it gives you the extra push to get up and go.  You can no longer just hit snooze and go back to sleep because you know you have to answer to someone else.  I recommend finding a partner who is going to be committed so that you feel the pressure to actually be at the gym.  You can even make it fun by agreeing with your partner to charge each other a “fee” on Venmo whenever someone is late or misses a workout. $$$

  2. Dont be a Committment-phobe: There are soooooo many great workout programs out there to choose from (crossfit, circuit training, HIIT training, etc).  However, flirting with each program without committing to just one sets you up to be disappointed.  It is always great when you can consult with a trainer to find a program best suited for you BUT if you cannot do so, simply find a program that works well for you and stick with it.  Depending on the program, I would stay committed for at least 8-12 weeks.  You will see benefits if you stay committed to mostly anything.

  3. Program your body and your mind: Whatever program you choose to follow, workout at the same time on the same days.  This will train your body and your mind to be ready and actually look forward to working out when those times approach.  

  4. Set Goals: Most people that I have worked with were the most disciplined about working out when they were getting ready for their beach trip, wedding, big photo shoot, etc. Those same people would immediately relapse into inactivity after the event was over only to have to do it again the following summer or family reunion.  Continuously setting performance goals for yourself helps you to consistently exercise. I recommend strength/endurance goals vs. body image goals, as those tend to best encourage people to remain consistent and inevitably lead to physique changes. Examples are: Doing 40 pushups, Squatting 30 more pounds, Running a mile 30 seconds faster, etc.

  5. Keep a Record: One way is to keep a journal or simply mark off on a calendar all of the days that you went to the gym.  This will allow you to accurately and visually note if you are being faithful to your plan and will allow you to make accurate judgments to whether you need to change your plan or just be more consistent.

Remember that going to the gym can become very fun and rewarding.  Just give these tips a try and let us know if it helps you stay more consistent.


- JL