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Collard Green Dreams



Collard Greens. 

We Know them. We love them. We eat them. 

But did you know collards can…

Improve digestion

  • Greens are packed with fiber, which can help to keep things regular. Don't forget... soluble fiber can also keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range!

Promote bone health

  • Eating just ½ cup of collards can give you over 100% of your daily recommended vitamin K. Vitamin K helps your body absorb calcium and keeps your bones healthy.

Fight Cancer

  • Cruciferous vegetables, like collards, have sulfur-containing compounds known as glucosinolates. Glucosinolates can be converted into compounds that may help lower cancer risk by supporting your body's detox and anti-inflammatory systems.

Boost hair & skin regimen

  • The mix of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron helps to provide moisture, build collagen, and prevent hair loss. Simply filling your plate with collard greens won't necessarily answer all your prayers, but it will make a great addition to any skin care routine!


...So, what have we really been doing?

I’ll tell you. We’ve been cooking our collards to DEATH, which causes us to lose many of the nutrients mentioned above. Op. Did I forget to mention the neck bones, ham hocks, bacon, and/or any other meat we use to flavor our greens? It's time for a change!

How to pick ‘em

Let's start by talking about how to pick the right bunch. Look for collard greens with firm, deep-green leaves. Smaller leaves tend to be more tender and less bitter than larger collard leaves. It’s all a matter of preference!

How to Cook ‘em

Lightly steaming or sautéing collards is the best ways to keep the nutrients high. I’ll be showing you a few ways to switch it up with collard greens over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!