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Fitness for The Busy Woman


There are so many things that demand our attention, work and school deadlines, family, friends, church and community events….with all that we have to do, it can be hard to find the time to get in some exercise. However, it’s important to be intentional about adding physical activity into our weekly regimen. Better sleep, less stress, stronger heart and lungs, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight…. ALL of these are benefits of  exercise! 

So, you may be thinking the benefits of exercise are great and all, but that still doesn’t solve my problem of not having enough time. Our response to that is -- get it in where you can fit it in.

Adults are recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (like brisk walking) OR 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity (like jogging or Zumba) every week PLUS muscle strength training activities (focusing on all major muscle groups) at least two days each week. Relax... all of this doesn’t have to be done at once. You can spread it throughout the week in 15-30 minutes increments, depending on the activity. The most important thing is to MOVE MORE.




All those hours binge watching Scandal and Dear White People can be put to good use. This non-active time is a great opportunity to do some strength training and core work. Try these circuit exercises during your next streaming binge.


Brisk walking is a great moderate-intensity aerobic activity. You can get your heart rate up and increase your lung capacity without breaking into a hard sweat and subsequently ruining your hair! We encourage you to walk at least 30 minutes each day. Remember, you don’t have to do 30 minutes all at once. Try walking for 15 minutes during your lunch break and 15 minutes after dinner, whatever you choose to do is fine, just get movin!!


The goal is to gradually increase your physical fitness over time. Perfection is not required for progress!