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Sowing Seeds


I've contemplated for so long, but I finally found the courage to start my first garden!

Do you know how much time it took me to get started? Well, lets calculate! I spent hours researching which foods were in season and picking the ones I would actually eat. After I decided on plants, I spent a few more hours at the store getting everything I needed. I had to pick the seeds that "felt" right, determine which soil would provide the most nutrients, and you know it took forever to find the perfect pots for my new baby garden.

I spent the money, but then it was time to invest the energy! I mixed the soil, planted the seeds, covered them carefully, watered them, and placed the pots near sunlight. I went inside feeling exhausted, but accomplished. The next day I ran outside to check my pots. I knew my seeds hadn't sprouted that quickly, but a piece of me felt like I deserved to see results based on all my effort. I saw no signs of growth, but the routine continued.... Water plants. Cover plants. Move to sunlight. Invest. Invest. Invest. There was no guarantee that my seeds would ever produce fruit. All I had was the knowledge of my investment and the faith that God would honor the investment, which was enough to keep me going.

Life Lesson 1: Immediate investment does not warrant immediate results. Continued investment, coupled with continued faith, will eventually produce life. 

After 10 days, several of my plants were actually starting to grow and I couldn't be more excited. Inside I knew that there was such a long way to go before my seeds produced the fruit I originally imagined, but something about those small sprouts validated my investment. There was something about seeing the small peeks of green that reaffirmed my faith. I suddenly realized this process might be less about food and more about life lessons.

Life Lesson 2: Do not get discouraged when you don't see the grand fruit; be thankful for the sprouts. Learn to appreciate the process. The planting, watering, sowing, and sprouting all strengthen your faith. 

I can't wait to keep you updated on the progress of my garden (and my life lessons.)