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Kamaria Mason

A message from Juhanna Nixon (Part 1)

My journey of losing over 70 pounds and keeping the weight off was such an emotional journey and still is today.  The journey of better health,  active fitness,  and spiritual growth is a lifestyle that will never change or end. Prior to starting, I felt the need to be paired with someone to help me stay accountable which in turn caused a cycle of downward attempts because I wasn't just holding myself accountable but someone else. The more now; as I sit here writing this; I realize that I had put the other individual above me and hadn't focused on what I needed for myself. I had to learn and acknowledge that I have  to do this on my own and for my good, this is not for anyone else,  IT'S FOR ME. The only way to do that is to have God with me to help push me through this. All I do in life is for his glory.  I couldn't watch myself or allow myself to go down a road of high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, dialysis, heart problems, morbid obesity.

I had to RISE UP, above my feelings of doubt, above my compulsion to put others needs before my own. I had to face the fear of being at risk for chronic diseases, take action and fight to avoid becoming another statistic!