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Be Strong and Courageous!

Kamaria Mason

It’s time to CLAIM the promises of God!

God has promised us joy, peace, love, health and financial freedom, but it’s up to us to claim our promise. God is not your Fairy Godmother always givin handouts. Sometimes you need to put in some work. For you, work may be dismissing the Devil's lies, resisting depression, choosing peace, establishing healthy eating behaviors, becoming more physically active, or creating a budget and paying off debt!

However, you won’t be victorious by wallowing in sadness, being paralyzed by fear, dismissing hope, overspending, eating a pint of ice cream everyday while you watch TV feeling discouraged because you’re overly focused on your undesirable circumstance.

It’s time to GET UP!

It's time to Take Action
It's time to Put in Work
It's time to Open the Door
It's time to Claim What God Promised You!!