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What's The Real: Yogurt


 We hear so much about the benefits of yogurt. While this creamy snack can be great for protein, calcium, and gut health… There Are LEVELS

For those of us who haven’t tried plain yogurt, it can be a little tart. Some manufacturers sneak in additional ingredients to make their product more appealing. Dyes, preservatives, and thickening agents can all be found in your yogurt container, but the most common add-on: sugar. Yogurt has some naturally occurring sugars (lactose), but these sugars are often accompanied by added syrups, artificial sweeteners, cane juice, juice concentrate, molasses, and beyond.

A small cup of yogurt can have up to 30+ grams of sugar! (For women, the American Heart Association recommends around 25 grams of added sugar per day.) If you have a yogurt snack with 30+ grams of sugar, then how much of that sugar is natural? ..added? ..artificial? Who really wants to play that guessing game?!

Yogurt can be an amazing addition to your food regimen, but not all yogurt is created equal.  Here are three ways to enjoy plain yogurt the way life intended!


3 Ways to Make Your Yogurt a LITuation


The creamy-crunchy-sweet combo is second to none. Make this even better by adding a dash of cinnamon. A drizzle of honey works wonders… don’t you overdo it!




I love adding sliced strawberries for sweet treat perfection, but just about any fruit can do the trick. Don’t rule out a good bag of frozen berries! 



 Reese’s who...? Completely transform your snack by swirling in a quality peanut butter and topping it with dark chocolate shavings.  


I always crave something sweet after dinner, and these are often my top choices. While it doesn't hit the same spot as a thick oreo milkshake, it certainly satisfies my sweet tooth [and my "summer body" efforts]. 

Comment with your go-to yogurt toppings!