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Wellness Revolution


Where has Full On Faith been all month? ...Well, we are glad you asked!

All October we were hanging out at SkyZone Raleigh. We teamed up with the best SkyRobics instructor in NC to bring you Working on Wellness Wednesday. 



SkyRobics     [@iamjuhannafitness]

  • A jam-packed trampoline workout targeting heart health as well as core strengthing, calisthenics, and weight loss. Can you imagine burning up to 1,000 calories each class?

Full On Faith    [That's Us!]

  •  Understanding nutrition may be the most important piece of building a healthy routine. Are carbs really bad? Does coconut oil save lives? Each week featured a fun chat where we answered those frequently asked *food* questions. 

B Good    [@bgoodraleigh_nc]

  • A chain dedicated to making fast-food "REAL." The lovely Tiffany (best marketing intern) was there providing taste tests to help everyone refuel. Of course, the Kale Crush smoothie was a [not so] surprising crowd favorite.


A big thank you to everyone who supported the Working on Wellness series during October. We couldn't imagine spending our Wednesday nights any other way. - Cheers to November -

Bringing food, fitness, and FAITH to every place... even the trampoline park

 Catch us next time!