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The Mission


CC image courtesy of Georgie Pauwels on  Flickr

CC image courtesy of Georgie Pauwels on Flickr

As soon as I stepped through the doors of the convention center, my heart fluttered. That was my first time sharing an arena with so many women. Thousands of women linked through faith. I felt an immediate connection with every person attending Woman Thou Art Loosed  [women's spiritual empowerment conference] because we were all visibly believing God for something personal. As we joined together in worship, I knew these ladies were not strangers. They were my sisters.

Health was a primary focus throughout the weekend -- much to my excitement. The conference featured stretch breaks and cooking demonstrations to highlight the importance of health, but it was a message from the keynote speaker that really drove it home for me. I listened closely as the lead speaker began to call people to their feet for prayer. He called on women dealing with diabetes to stand. This was followed by a call for women battling obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. Condition after condition until I was the only one left seated on my row.

I looked around this arena through a new lens. I saw thousands of women praying over various chronic diseases... thousands of sisters. At that moment, I realized that I must join my faith with my passion for healthy living to help reach the women standing in that space and beyond. I was smacked in the face with purpose, and Full On Faith was born. 

Our mission is to inspire communities to put action steps behind faith for healthier lives through nutrition, fitness, and spiritual growth. Through trials and triumphs, we promise to share everything about food and fitness on this journey of faith. 


Without further delay.. We invite you into the heart of Full On Faith.