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Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Full on Faith with Kamaria and Shamera (Kam and Sham for short). 

If you are new to our website, Kamaria is on the left and Shamera is on the right. We are both Registered Dietitians with Master's degrees in Public Health Nutrition. Actually, we met while pursing graduate degrees at the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill. We firmly believe that when two people are destined to cross paths, it always happens at the perfect time!  Prior to coming to UNC for graduate school, Kamaria completed a Master's of Science degree in biomedical sciences and was pursuing medicine. However, her passion for food and desire to help people make healthy diet-related lifestyle changes to prevent chronic disease led her to pursue a career in public health nutrition instead. Shamera was contemplating genetics research prior to attending UNC. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Spelman College, but knew deep down inside that her full potential would not be reached behind the work bench in a laboratory. God had a much bigger purpose, a larger vision for both Kamaria and Shamera that they soon realized. 

Kamaria and Shamera crossed paths the first day of orientation. Two women, obsessed with good food and cute scarves, both refusing to accept the idea that they were destined to face hypertension, diabetes, and other preventable chronic disease later in life like many of their friends and family. During their second year in graduate school, Shamera attended the Woman Thou Art Loosed conference in Atlanta, Georgia. At the conference, Bishop Jakes asked women affected by diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases to move toward the aisles for prayer. One by one, Shamera watched women from her row and surrounding rows stand to their feet. After a few minutes, Shamera noticed that she was one of a few women still seated (click for full story). She left that experience with a renewed vigor to continue the work that she started with Kamaria; to create REAL solutions for people struggling with chronic illness and disease. 

For Kamaria and Shamera, a REAL solution is one that includes Real Food... not a 5-day juice cleanse or fad diet, but healthy and satisfying meals that encourage individuals to adopt healthy eating behaviors. A REAL solution also includes Real Fitness. This goes beyond the occasional 8-minute Core Sculpt workout by emphasizing exercises that increase overall fitness and motivate individuals to incorporate physical activity into their daily or weekly routine. And most importantly, a REAL solution involves Real Faith. Acknowledging God's promises related to health and well-being is the key to accomplishing all of the amazing things He has planned for our lives!

 Full On Faith... Its not a fad, its a movement!